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Archimed NXT

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Archimed NXT is an affordable, easy to implement, use and support collaboration management platform for managing configurations, busness processes, document flows and corporate knowledge. Working standalone or integrated, Archimed modules are focused to ensure an efficient environment for managed team collaboration.


Based on the industry standards of Microsoft .NET/SQL/SharePoint 


Archimed NXT is devloped inside the framework of Microsoft.NET/SQL/SharePoint. This makes it being easy to deploy and integrate, open to communicate and flexible to extend and grow as your corporate need grows. Working standalone or as web part inside SharePoint portal Server, Archimed NXT has proved its efficiency in world known logos during last 20 years.


PLCS support for configuration management


Archimed CM Server is front end of Share-A-Space (tm) configuration managemen hub, developed after the requirements of the PLCS/STEP standard. Using the industry standard data model, Archimed CM server allows the disperced teams to share always up-to-date data, in the right context, on time and on the righr place. Being designed after object model and using flexible configuration tolls for building-up customers dependant environment, Archimed NXT allows to follow IAEA GS R3 safety requirements in any customers environment. Also, a set of pre-configured work flow templates further facilitates the quick start with minimum risk of data loss in nuclear related processes.


The paltform for Knowledge Management and Institutional Memory (KM/IM)


Archimed KM is a strong foundation for creating  Knowledge Management and Institutional Memory solutions, where all the company/organization content is related to the specific cases in so called "knwledge networks". Using Case based Reasoning (CBR), Archimed KM help the organizations capture, link, keep and distribute the most precious information assest and personal skils in a highly structured way.  


PLM Integration


Archimed NXT is a perfect first step to the enterprise PLM/CM/MRO environment of SIEMENS Teamcenter.


ERP Integration


To allow smooth transition to/from more extensive applications, Archimed can use its own ERP back-end engine (1C: Enetrprise ERP), or to be interfaced to industry standard ERP solutions as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics/NAV or others, running Microsoft SQL database.


Download 14 page brochure for Archimed suite in PDF format here ...